Manage Site Emergency for CERT (2 Days) [5 CPD points]

Course Name: Manage Site Emergency for CERT

TSC Title: Emergency Response and Crisis Management Development and Implementation

Proficiency Level: Level 4

Course Code: ECM-ERC-4002-1.1 (mapped over from PI-PRO-3257-1, Equivalent to WSQ Manage Site Emergency)

Course Reference Number: CRS-Q-0039014-ECM | TGS-2019503560

Course Overview

Manage Site Emergency for CERT is recommended to be the enhanced unit and the second unit of the incident management training for the Site Incident Controller or Site Main Controller in the Emergency Response and Crisis Management Framework which you undertake as part of the Company Emergency Response Team (CERT). This course builds up the knowledge components of the incident management training.

This unit will build upon the concepts of emergency response principles and introduce the techniques on the management of emergencies. Trainees will also be introduced to simulated environment of various emergency situations to gain understanding on leadership, teamwork, command and control, situation awareness, decision making, delegation, communication. Trainees will also be familiarise with the roles and responsibilities of CERT and the importance of collective competency and confidence.

You will be required to demonstrate the following Performance Statements upon completion of this course:

  1. Deploy Company Emergency Response Team in accordance to their roles and responsibilities.
  2. Apply the principles of Command, Control and Communication during emergencies.
  3. Assess the effects of the emergency to make appropriate decisions to control and mitigate the emergency.
  4. Apply the operations of an Information Management System during an emergency

Who Should Attend

This course aims to provide personnel appointed as the Site Incident Controller or Site Main Controller with the skills and knowledge required to manage and command the site major emergency until the arrival of the Singapore Civil Defence Force. It is targeted typically at individuals who are currently supervisors or senior technicians from the following sub-sectors which may include: Chemical Production, Oil & Gas Production, Plant Construction, Waste Management, Energy Management, Buildings, Hotels and Hospitals.

The competency unit would be appropriate for those with operational responsibilities.

Course Outline

This course will cover the knowledge in order to build up your underpinning knowledge as followed:

  1. Statutory and organisational requirements for emergency response.
  2. Roles and responsibilities of Site Incident Controller (Onsite Emergency Manager).
  3. Composition and responsibilities of Company Emergency Response Team (CERT).
  4. Methods to implement and maintain effective standard of command, control and communication.
  5. Understanding all possible major emergencies scenarios that are relevant to work place.
  6. Importance of evaluating emergency for potential escalation.
  7. Advantages of an effective information management system.
  8. Components of an information management system.
  9. Types of emergency response strategies to mitigate an emergency

Course Date

Year 2023

Date  Venue  Course Registration Link
Run 21: 11 & 12 December 2023, Monday & Tuesday Village Hotel Bugis write to for reservations

Course Duration
2 days (16 Hours)

Course Fees & Funding

Full Course Fees: S$680 per pax (all inclusive). Lunch and refreshments are provided in this training.

Singaporeans and PRs are eligible for funding.

  Singapore Citizens Singapore PRs Enhanced Training Support for SMEs Foreigners
39 years old or younger 40 years old or older
Full Course Fee $680 $680 $680 $680 $680
Less: SSG Grant Amount (Baseline Funding) (up to 50%) $340 $340 $340 $340 $0
Nett Course Fee after funding $340 $340 $340 $340 $680
Less Additional Funding if Eligible under SkillsFuture Mid-Career Enhanced Subsidy (MCES) or Enhanced Training Support for SMEs (ETSS) (up to 20%) $0 $136 $0 $136 $0
Total Nett Course Fee Payable after additional funding from the various funding schemes $340 $204 $340 $204 $680

*Funding may vary, please refer to for more details.

Course Assessment
Practical Role Play, Case Study and Written Test

- A Statement of Attainment (SOA) from SkillsFuture Singapore (SSG) will be awarded upon the course completion.

- 5 CPD points accredited by SCDF will be awarded upon the course completion.


It is recommended that you had attended the first module “WSQ Implement Incident Management Processes” previously.

Manage Site Emergency for CERT

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