CERT Refresher for Tier 1 Premises (Industrial Fire Fighting & Hazmat Course)

Course Overview (Course Reference Number: 1002-ERT-FFP1)

Fire fighting in the petrochemical, pharmaceutical and chemical process industries may be particularly complex, where, potentially every fire is a Hazmat incident. Large quantities of toxic fumes are frequently involved and may lead Company Emergency Response Team (CERT) members to undertake rash actions which constitute hazards to personnel. Therefore, it is essential for the ERT members to continue their proficiency in fire-fighting response.

This intensive training will provide refresher training for the ERT members to enhance their knowledge and skills to handle the hazards of process plants correctly, in the event of an outbreak of fire and Hazmat incident which they are called on to fight. All delegates will have hands-on fire-fighting and Hazmat training in the industrial size firefighting training facility.

Target Audience (Recommended for Premises with P&FM > 5 MT) (Tier 1 CERT Premises)

This course aims to provide refresher training for Company Emergency Response Team (CERT) in order to meet and respond to fire emergencies in process plant. This course is contextualised and target for operators or technicians taking on the role of ERT in the high risk industries (CERT Tier 1) from Chemicals, Refineries, Specialities Chemicals and Oil & Gas. Suitable for Emergency Response Team members, Operational staff working on site and all personnel who may have direct or indirect involvement in managing an emergency/crisis

Course Duration: 1 Day (8 hours)

Course Assessment: Practical Performance

Certification: Certificate of Attendance (softcopy) upon completion course completion and assessment

Course Fees: $420 per pax (This course has no funding)

Course venue: This course is conducted on the Jurong Island training centre, SERB (18, Sakra Road  Singapore 627872).


  • Participants should have attended any Industrial Fire Fighting training or WSQ Respond to Fire and Hazmat Emergency (3 days)
  • Participants must be medically fit before attending this course due to the physical nature of this course.

CERT Refresher RFHE

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