CERT Recertification (Tier 1-P&FM Premises)

Course Overview (Course Reference Number: (TGS-2014500622-RC)

Course Overview

CERT recertification program provides a gradual and sustainable framework to level up the standards and competencies of CERTs. This CERT recertification program is mandatory for Tier 1 P&FM premises only. Their CERTs will undertake an annual re-certification 1 day program

Course Structure

CERT Audit

Part I – DOCUMENTATIONS (50% of overall score achieved will be used for Audit Grading)

  • Emergency Response Plan (30 points)
  • Training Records and Certifications (35 points)
  • Equipment Readiness and Maintenance Records (35 points)

Part II – PRACTICAL ASSESSMENT (50% of overall score achieved will be used for Audit Grading)


Completed CERT training and CERT Equipment in place.

Target Audience

CERT personnel.

Course Content

The syllabus focuses on:

  • Documentation checks and drill scenario planning
  • CERT Equipment checks
  • Conduct of CERT Audit
  • Submission of CERT Audit report to SCDF


Certificate of Attendance.


Recommended annually


On-site as required.

Health Declaration Requirements



1 Day

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