Participate Incident Management Processes (1 Day)

Course Overview

This course provides the skills and knowledge required by personnel functioning as the Site Main Controller to undertake a scene assessment, and to plan and control an operational response and post response activities so as to ensure the on-going continuity of the business operation.


- Ensure that the statutory requirements are met for emergency response.

- Describe the key roles and responsibilities of the Site Main Controller and develop strategies for adopting these characteristics.

- Identify the four phases of emergency management and what is required of the Site Main Controller in each of these phases.

- Recognise the types of incidents that can develop into crises

Adopt the relevant mitigation strategies as part of the prevention of incident

Main Content

- The types of incidents that can develop into crises

- The valuable insights on the nature and dynamics of crises today

- How the delegate can enhance his or her organisation’s anticipation and prevention capability

- The crisis management planning, preparation and practice session through tabletop exercise and case studies discussions

- The necessary characteristics of a capable and competent leader when managing a crisis

- The purpose and value of handling internal and external communication timely and accurately

- The necessity of implementing the company’s Group Crisis Management Plan

- The importance of managing the company’s reputation by learning to handle media effectively by knowing the Do’s and Don’ts

- The principles behind and the operation of an effective system for managing information


- Personnel taking on the strategic role as a Site Main Controller

- HSEQ related professionals

- Emergency Planners

- Business Continuity Professionals

- All personnel wanting a brief overview of crisis management concepts

Prior Training Required

- NA

Linked Training

-Incident Management Training

- ERT Training / Fire Fighting Course

- Business Continuity Management Training

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